Sugarhouse Tour 2018 Matt’s Maple

Saturday, March 24, 2018, 1:00 p.m.  Dave Matt’s Sugarhouse, Marlboro


The address is 308 Hall Farm Road, Marlboro, VT 05344.  Website is

From Brattleboro, take Rte 9 west into Marlboro, and turn right onto Hughes Road, which is about 1 mile past the Golden Eagle Motel.

From Wilmington, take Rte 9 east past Hogback Mtn. and turn left onto Hughes Road which is about 1/2-mile past Hogback.

Hughes Road is directly opposite Butterfield Road and is just about where the passing lane up to Hogback starts.

Go on Hughes Road about 1/2 mile and turn left onto Hall Farm Road, our farm and sugarhouse are at the end of the road.

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