To foster sustainable management practices and the enjoyment of forests and their ecosystems and to encourage education about responsible, evolving techniques and technologies, as well as forward thinking about those resources, WRWA offers an annual scholarship to a qualified applicant. Financial support for the scholarship fund is secured from specific tax-deductible donations and from contributions above the basic membership dues.


Established originally in the early 1970’s as the Woodland Owners Association Scholarship, the WRWA Scholarship each year offers funding to a high school graduate about to enter college as a freshman intending to major in a subject related to forest or wildlife management, or to a student in that area of concentration who will be a sophomore, junior, or senior in college during the next academic year. This year the scholarship will be worth $3,000. Previous recipients who meet all the qualifications may apply annually for renewal of the scholarship, but WRWA will give preference to new applicants.


Windham County residents who:
(a) are high school seniors or have a high school diploma OR
(b) are college students, and
(c) plan to enroll or are enrolled in a two- or four-year program in forestry or allied field (e.g., wildlife management) with coursework and goals directly related to forest management. For the purpose of this scholarship the Scholarship Committee does not consider more general programs (e.g., agriculture, botany, turf management, or environmental science) as allied fields unless the applicant clearly demonstrates how his or her chosen field focuses on forest management.


  • Applications should be sent to the Windham Regional Woodlands Association; P.O. Box 6392; Brattleboro, VT 05302 or emailed to .
  • The deadline for scholarship applications is May 1st of each year.


The Scholarship Committee will evaluate candidates based on the completeness, clarity, quality, and content of the applications. In some circumstances (e.g., several comparable applicants), the Committee may request an in-person interview. The Committee will notify the scholarship recipient by June 1st of each year.


If feasible, the scholarship will be presented at the student’s high school graduation (or Awards Assembly) or during the WRWA’s Annual Meeting, which is usually held in September. One half of the award will be presented at that time, and the other half will be provided after the scholarship winner has successfully completed the fall semester, and verified his or her intent to continue a relevant course of study during the spring semester.

Download the WRWA Scholarship Application Form (PDF)

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