Sugar House Tour 2019

Sugarhouse Tour to be held Saturday, March 23rd at 1:00 pm –

East Hill Farm Sugarhouse is a small, fairly traditional sugaring operation with about 1200 taps more or less depending on the weather and what we feel like.  We set about 1050 taps in pipeline with about 400 on 3/16line in a gravity situation and an additional 700 on some fairly modest vacuum.  We also normally set an additional one to two hundred buckets because we need the exercise and we can’t quite give up that part of the old ways.  We usually produce between 200 and 300 gallons of syrup annually.  We boil with a 40” by 9’ wood fired evaporator and have recently added a small sizes RO machine to increase efficiency.

As an interesting side line, we are also the research and testing center for the Hot End System.  The Hot End came into being when a technologically gifted friend was here on a cold day helping set up pipeline.  His comment was “why don’t you have something to warm this tubing?”  The reply was “why don’t you build something?”  He did and after a couple of years we started marketing the Hot End.  For more details visit:

Ted will have a demonstration of his tubing tool known as the Hot End System as well as a few units for sale.  Syrup will be available for sale as well.

I-91 to exit 2. WEST on Rte. 9 (travel 1.3 miles)

LEFT onto Greenleaf St. (Just after 7-Eleven)

Greenleaf turns into Hinesburg Rd.. After 1.4 miles take a hard LEFT to stay on Hinesburg Rd.

Travel about 3.9 miles SOUTH on Hinesburg Rd.

Turn RIGHT onto Colyer Rd., the sugarhouse is down the hill on the LEFT.

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