Rattlesnakes in Vermont

Thursday, April 21 7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. at Townshend Town Hall – Can you believe Vermont actually hosts and harbors rattlesnakes? Windham Regional Woodlands Association will present a talk by Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department biologist and rattlesnake researcher Doug Blodgett. Doug will discuss this reclusive, but much-maligned and misunderstood, reptile and its unique contribution to Vermont’s native wildlife community. He will share information on the life history of this Vermont native animal at the very northern end of its range in the continental United States. Doug will reveal some interesting results of his research on this endangered species, and discuss the tough challenges it faces.

During his 34-year career as wildlife biologist with the Vermont Fish and wildlife Department, Doug has worked as the Vermont Wild Turkey Project Team Leader from 1990 to 2010. He has also assisted on the black bear, deer, moose, fur-bearer, and peregrine falcon research projects. Doug has served as the Department’s investigator on the dozens of Vermont mountain lion sightings received annually from the public. Most recently, Doug’s professional interest has focused on reptiles, and specifically on rare snake research in Vermont.

DIRECTIONS: 2006 VT Route 30 in Townshend Village. The Town Hall is the yellow, four-columned building about 75 yards south of the Leland & Gray High School.

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