Green Burial Workshop

Thursday, November 21st – 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.
Holton Hall, 130 Austine Dr. Brattleboro

More and more people are asking for environmentally responsible burial options that reflect their personal values.  The practice of burying bodies without embalming with toxic chemicals, encasing in metal or rainforest wood caskets, or cement or plastic outer vaults—truly body to earth—is timeless, interrupted only over the past century. This workshop will show how efforts to return to these ancient, eco-friendly ways are gaining momentum across the country as people are finding a way to let their bodies return to the earth.

Lee Webster, noted author and national leader in the field of Green Burial will present the current status of green burial in Vermont and the movement towards developing conservation burial grounds on lands protected by conservation principles. These cemeteries support sustainable management while restoring and protecting the ecological integrity of the land.  Land trust entities with the interest and capacity to partner with and support conservation burial projects come in many forms, from local conservation groups to state and regional land trusts to national chapters of prominent organizations, such as The Nature Conservancy.  Vermont landowners can have questions answered regarding steps towards creating natural burial grounds on their land.

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