Forest Management Workshop/Tour

Saturday, March 26th -9:00 A.M.

Join Forester George Weir and landowner, Munson Hicks on March 26th at 9 am for a tour of the
Hicks woodland in Vernon to see the results of a recent harvest, completed in October 2021. The
Hicks family has owned and managed the woodland through 8 decades. Our president Munson’s
father Halsey Hicks was one of the founders of WRWA

The history of management has consisted of several stages. Early work included pre-commercial
thinnings to release young white pine and hardwoods for growth. In the middle years periodic
commercial thinnings harvested poorer quality trees to grow those with better sawtimber
characteristics. Recent harvests in 2006 and 2021 promoted pine regeneration as well thinned
areas of sawtimber. The work ahead includes pre-commercial thinning of 20 year old pine
saplings, releasing groups of younger pine saplings from overstory competition, harvesting to
establish additional regeneration, all balanced with thinning areas of high quality sawtimber.

Join us at 870 Tyler Hill Road in Vernon, VT observe the effects of 80 years forest management
and to discuss future management. Please rsvp to if you plan to attend.

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