Who We Are

Windham Regional Woodlands Association is a group of people who care deeply about the wooded lands of southeastern Vermont. Our membership includes forest owners, managers and users, as well as others who appreciate the forest resources of this region. Members’ interests include timber, wildlife habitat, scenic beauty, and clean air and water. We are all dedicated to preserving the health, maintenance, and sustainability of our forests through sound forestry practices.

Some of WRWA’s activities to promote forest management in our area are:

  • Informational and educational meetings, field trips, and workshops on aspects of forest management
  • Forest industry tours to demonstrate how wood from forests is used, and to provide insight into the criteria for cutting and grading logs
  • The quarterly newsletter, Woodlot Tips, with interesting articles and news items
  • Scholarships awarded to graduates of Windham County high schools who are pursuing college degrees in forestry or a related conservation field
  • Annual membership meetings that include interesting speakers, a forest tour to demonstrate forest practices, and a potluck cookout
  • Forest management courses for woodland owners
  • Sponsorship of chainsaw safety courses
  • Collaboration with other natural resources organizations including Southern Vermont Audubon Society, Windham County Natural Resource Conservation District, Vermont Coverts, Vermont Land Trust, Vermont Natural Resources Council, Vermont Woodlands Association, The Nature conservancy, and Bonnyvale Environmental Education Center.


Our group was initially chartered in 1949 as the Woodland Owners Association. In 2014, we changed our name to the Windham Regional Woodlands Association to better reflec that ownership is not a requirement of membership. However, we are all “owners” of woodlands held in trust by public entities such as the state and federal governments. WRWA activities are open to anyone who wants to learn more about our forest resources. All who are interested in our activities are welcome to attend functions and become members.


For more information:

Windham Regional Woodlands Association

130 Austine Drive, Suite 300

Brattleboro, VT 05301



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