Welcome to WRWA – the Windham Regional Woodlands Association!

Trees impact every minute of our lives. Clean air and water, stable and enriched soil, wildlife habitats, food, fuel, lumber, paper, medicine, recreation, beauty – these are just some of the essential by-products of trees and forests. Because trees are so important to our lives and livelihoods, we need to learn about them in order to better protect and manage them wisely. Sharing that information is the major goal of WRWA.

The Windham Regional Woodlands Association [WRWA] is a non-profit organization that promotes good forestry practices, through education and outreach, to foster the health and sustainability of our forest resources. Our diverse membership includes forest owners, managers, loggers, foresters, large and small landowners, and others who value and appreciate the forest resources of southeastern Vermont and surrounding areas. Property ownership is not a requirement, only the desire to learn and share helpful information.

We invite you to attend our free programs. Learn from our experts and landowners who are eager to share what works. Participate in our cooperative effort to make the care, management, harvesting, and appreciation of one of the world’s most important natural resources easier, more effective, efficient, and sustainable. Come join us!

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