Other Events

Cooperator Training for Woodlot Owners

sponsored by Vermont Coverts: Woodlands for Wildlife
 May 17 – 19 Common Ground Center, Starksboro, VT
September 6 – 8 Kehoe Conservation Camp, Hydeville, VT

Learn how a healthy woodland can enhance wildlife habitat, provide recreational and timber benefits through classroom and field studies. 

Vermont Covert’s Training is designed for woodland owners with 25 or more acres but others with less acreage, or manage land, work on their conservation commission or have a love of woods and wildlife are welcome to join.

Discover how to make a difference on your own land and provide guidance to neighbors and community members to encourage stewardship for woodlands and wildlife.

The training program is free, but requires a $100 deposit to hold your space . (deposit is refundable upon request at the completion of the training) Meals and Lodging are included.

For more information or to register, visit www.vtcoverts.org, or contact Lisa Sausville, Executive Director, (802) 877-2777 or lisa@vtcoverts.org

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