Annual Sugarhouse Tour Saturday March 21 10:00 am

[From the Franklins] “The Franklin Farm in Guilford, VT is a diversified organic dairy farm made up of 276 acres, most of which are woodland. Many factors determine the flavor and quality of pure maple syrup. The distinct flavor of our syrup originates in the fertile limestone based soils of our woodlands. All summer long the maple trees produce sugar through photosynthesis.

Early in the spring we harvest a fraction of the sweet sap produced by our maples. In February the whole family, and some very good friends, head to the woods to tap the trees and ready the sap liens. We tap all of our trees with small taps called health spouts. We set out around 2,600 of these. All of the sap flows through these lines and is collected in tanks outside the sugarhouse.

This year the fresh sap will be put into our new Vortex 4’x 12’ arch with Revolution pans. This evaporator is fueled using wood harvested here on the farm. It is good to have at least two people in the sugarhouse – the fireman, who feeds the fire every few minutes, and the sugarmaker who monitors the workings of the pan as the sap travels through it on its way to being syrup.

Making high quality maple syrup takes sugarmakes that know and love what they are doing and are incredibly dedicated. Here at the Franklin Farm, David and the boys, with the help of some really good, maple syrup-crazed friends and relatives, do what it takes to produce our syrup. Year after year people tell us that it is the best maple syrup they have ever tasted. We hope you think so, too.

You can sample the syrup that’s being made that day, and the aroma of maple is everywhere. The atmosphere is upbeat and jolly. There really isn’t anything quite like it anywhere else. Early spring in the Vermont countryside – check it out, it’s contagious.”

Directions: I-91 to Exit 1. Go SOUTH on Rte. 5
RIGHT onto Guilford Center Rd. (just after Guilford Country Store)
LEFT onto Weatherhead Hollow Rd. (about 1.75 miles from Rt. 5)
Travel about 5 miles SOUTH on Weatherhead Hollow. Farm is on the right.
Continue past farm and take a RIGHT on Packer Corners Rd. Sugarhouse is straight ahead.

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