Annual Meeting 2019

Saturday, August 24th — West Townshend, Vermont

This year’s WRWA annual meeting will be hosted in the high remote valley of Cobb Brook at the base of Glebe Mountain on the border of Jamaica and Windham, Vermont.  We will hear a conservation story about large tracts of land conserved by private individuals, families, land trusts, The Nature Conservancy, and the State of Vermont.

We will gather on land owned by the Newton family for four generations. They are working to keep their 400-plus acre forest in the family and pass it down, intact, to the younger generation.  We will have a walking tour of a portion of the forest, highlighting current small scale sustainable harvesting and the single tree selection process.

The agenda will include forestry updates from Sam Schneski, the annual WRWA business meeting, our usual and wonderful grilled hamburgers, hotdogs and veggie burgers, member potluck sides, and more.

Hamilton Falls is nearby for those who want to stop and see it afterwards.

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